OK, you need to be ready for this one. Take a breath. Sit down. Calm your mind.


The National Republican Campaign Committee has filed a complaint with the Federal Elections Commission, accusing two radio talk show hosts of “criminal behavior” for endorsing a Democratic candidate on the air and attacking the Republican candidate. The story is at LA Daily News, Action filed vs. radio hosts over talk attacks.

This actually surpasses their accusing the Democrats of politicizing 9/11…

Update – Edited to correct to National Republican Campaign Committee from RNC.

Update – Here’s a second source on that story about GOP filing against a talk-radio show. Washington Times, Oct. 30, Drier targeted on immigration. John Kobylt who hosts the show with Ken Champiou, says,

“We’ve been doing this for 14 years, and we’ve never had a reaction like this from a politician,” Mr. Kobylt said. “It’s really massive hypocrisy. Republicans have gotten a good ride with talk radio; then one show goes after one Republican, and suddenly they want to shut us up? ”