Google Getting Hard To Use – Bad Results

Have you noticed that Google is getting harder to use, and is providing poor results? I seriously need something like the old Google for research — is there anything out there I can use?
Serious question, need to change I think.

1 thought on “Google Getting Hard To Use – Bad Results

  1. Yes I have noticed this. Over the last several weeks in fact.
    Google insists on re-assigning my searches to terms I did not use. And then producing useless results for its assumptions.
    And the results are stupid.
    Just today I decided to give Bing a shot at a query for which I could not get google to give me anything useful.
    Bing gave me vastly different results and the top ones would be more generally useful.
    FYI – I have no dog in search engine wars. I use Google by default and almost never use Bing. So my Bing experiment was a fed-up-with-google response.

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