Good One

From Wealth Bondage:

Seeing the Forrest: “We need to break up the rich white mens’ club and get the money circulating again. The way to do that is to bring back very high taxes at the top, and estate taxes, and use the money to strengthen ‘the commons’ — our public resources and human resources. Education, hospitals, health care, roads, infrastructure, arts and quality of life.” I notice that this guy has a free piece of crap blogspot blog. Gotta tell you something about this loser’s chances of success. Maybe we winners should take up a collection buy him a real blog. Sad, really. No wonder he is into income redistribution. I’d ship his job to China, if he had one.”

A collection to buy me things? Not a bad idea actually. I like it.

Readers – you want to understand Wealth Bondage before you’ll understand this post. Here’s a clue, a comment left by the author:

Always a pleasure to see you gnash your teeth in impotent rage. My contribution to the greater good is setting an example for others to emulate. People look up to me, as they did to the Pope in the Dark Ages. I give them hope. Instead of alms, I strew my blessing. “Go little sheep gently to your pens that thou might be fleeced.”

In the spirit of the times, for sure.