Good old fashioned ass kicking.

Well, the results are in. I just checked the California Secretary of State web site and with 97.1% ( 17152 of 17657 ) precincts reporting as of Nov 9, 2005 at 2:31 am, every single one of Arnie’s pet propositions is going down in flames.. Not a shadow of a doubt about any one of ’em, and the closest one, Prop. 73 (which a lot of segments of the “progressive” community bailed on formallly opposing, to avoid division in the ranks at the grassroots) is still losing by 4.5%. Hallelujah.
Who is kicking whose ass around, now, eh, Arnie? Mr. “I am always kicking their butts” indeed.
Thank god for the unions, and their pocketbooks and ability to put feet on the street. In fact, given how incredibly effective they’ve been at hamstringing Arnie, and indeed, at flat out taking him out, from riding high to record lows in the polls, you’ve got to wonder what an accomplished politician could do, if he or she ran on an aggressively progressive and pro-working folks agenda. Or what the union movement could do, if it could manage to figure out how to organize a larger percentage of the population… the Republican right must have nightmares about that.
P.S. Here’s Speak Out California’s take… hehehe.