Good For the Country

In a Washington Post interview President-Elect Gore says, “”I could have handled the whole thing differently,” he told the Post Magazine, “and instead of making a concession speech, launched a four-year, rear-guard guerrilla campaign to undermine the legitimacy of the Bush presidency and to mobilize for a rematch. And there was no shortage of advice to do that.””

Gore’s right; that sort of thing is not good for the country. Gore puts Country over Party. Of course, this is exactly what the Republicans did when Clinton was elected. Then and now the leadership of the Republican Party has made it quite clear that they put Party over Country.

Update – I need to clear up some wording. I was referring to the preceding paragraph about launching a rear-guard guerilla campaign to undermine the presidency, not the preceding sentence about putting Country over Party, when I said “this is exactly what the Republicans did when Clinton was elected.” The Republicans put the good of their party over the good of the country, and worked to undermine the Clinton presidency from day 1.