For those who need some background:
Goldman Sachs announces they plan to give out record bonuses this year, despite taking billions in TARP money from the Fed to “survive,” soaring unemployment and companies collapsing coast-to-coast. In his memo, Goldman CEO Lloyd Blankfein tells his employees to keep a low profile and not to spend lavishly when they get their massive bonuses!
Comedian Matt Rittberg creates a hilarious spoof of “Goodfellas” based on Goldman Sachs outrageous compensation. Lloyd Blankfein, Goldman’s CEO, sent out a memo recently telling his top employees not to buy anything flashy with their bonuses. Remind anyone else of the scene from Goodfellas where De Niro tells his gang the same thing after the big heist?
Written and Directed by Matt Rittberg
Director of Photography – Matt Kohn
JL Cauvin
Nick Turner
Matt Rittberg
Barry Rothbart
Laura Prangley
Aimee G
Sam Russell-Guliver