Going On And On

I realize that I have been going on and on about Iraq in the last few days. I want to make one more point. I’ve already made the following points:

1) There was a series of “terrorist threats” that coincided with breaking news harmful to the Bush administration, and these threats stopped when the press began mentioning the coincident timing.

2) The drive to start the war began coincident with the start of “election season.”

3) We learned from VietNam that the country must be behind sustained military action. Launching this war-drive in election season risks dividing the country, not uniting it. There must be an immediate national emergency to justify this timing.

4) The administration has made no case that there is a current national emergency NOW that requires the war-drive coincident with election season.

5) The previous Iraq war was started based on phony “babies thrown from incubators” evidence, and Bush was caught this weekend providing phony evidence.

And the point I want to make today: What’s DIFFERENT about any Iraqi weapons development, when Iraq, North Korea, China, and who knows how many other countries are engaged in these activities.

To be clear, I am not saying that we shouldn’t do something about it if Iraq or any of these other countries are developing such weapons. I am saying that the timing of THIS Iraq war-drive appears to be more about manipulating the November elections than about Iraq.