God and Government — Where is Democracy?

A comment I left to this post: TalkLeft: Harriet Miers: Pro-Life and Pro-Roe v. Wade?:

It occurs to me that Bush’s insistence that he has never talked about abortion with Meirs ought to be a problem for the Religious Right. If they accept that he tells the truth, it means the man just is not concerned enough about their primary issue to bring it up even once with someone he has kknown for ten years. His “conservatism” really is just a front, a put-on, a neo-con “Straussian” gambit to get power.
On the other hand, the Dominionists have no use for truth, seeing their role as warriors for God, ready to use any means to seize power and establish a theocracy under the authority of God. Dobson’s quote this morning indicates this might be the case.
So, which is it? That he really does not talk about abortion, and therefore is engaged in a Straussian use-religion-to-achieve-power strategy? Or that he is engaged in a stealth strategy to turn power over to the Dominionists. Either way, democracy is not part of the equation.

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  1. Watch this horse in Supreme Court

    In 40 AD the emperor Gaius Julius Caesar Germanicus “Caligula” appointed his horse as consul. Another 1965 years later GW Bush appointed his personal lawyer Miers into Supreme Court of US. Miers qualification is zero, education is second-rated, wh…

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