Glorifying Criminals

Following the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Republicans responded by validating the bombers’ complaints. They launched hearings blaming the government for the fire at the Waco Davidian cult compound and the shootings at Ruby Ridge.

They’re at it again.
In response to the White House betrayal of a CIA operative, Senate Republicans are launching hearings into why the CIA doesn’t do a better job of keeping their operatives’ identities secret. That’s right, no hearings into the betrayal of her identity. No hearings into the cover-up and shredding. No hearings into the lies that led to war. No accountability of any kind. Just blame – and smear – the victim.

4 thoughts on “Glorifying Criminals

  1. Same old song and dance

    I don’t think it would be a good idea for the Repubs to piss off the Agency any more than they already have with the Plame affair.

  2. The Death of Outrage

    …forget about irony, it’s outrage that seems to have bitten the big one, crossed over the Great Divide, cashed in its chips. From Dave Johnson at Seeing the Forest, we learn that Senate Republican Pat Roberts, Chairman of the Intelligence Committee (…

  3. I’m as strong and loyal a Democrat as anyone, but someone totally missed the mark by saying it was only Republicans who blamed the government for Ruby Ridge and Waco. Fact is, folks, federal agents committed crimes and violated the Constitution in both cases. Blaming the CIA for the leaks is silly, but making a comparison to Waco and Ruby Right is irrelevant and factually incorrect.

  4. “Fact is, folks, federal agents committed crimes and violated the Constitution in both cases.”
    Repetition of anti-government slogans doesn’t cut it at Seeing the Forest. You need to elaborate so we can discuss.

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