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  1. Global warming is junk science.
    Don’t put those coats away just yet, said Jim Poirier, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Mount Holly. Temperatures won’t hit 50 degrees for at least a week, according to forecasts, even though the normal high for this time of year is 53.
    “Basically, we have low pressure in the atmosphere over eastern Canada. The circulation around the vortex is counterclockwise, so that brings down colder air from Canada,” Poirier said. “We’re about 5 to 10 degrees below normal now. That’s probably going to continue for the next couple of weeks.”
    Hmmm, could turn out to be the coldest spring on record for many parts of the country…..
    Weathermen can’t accurately predict weather from week to week and you pretend climate guru’s know what they’re talking about…..

  2. So funny that All the television and radio stations keep talking about the highly unusual weather even the old radio guy who derides the global warming issue as silliness because he thinks it means that temperatures keep climbing like a pan on the stove.
    Funnier yet is the idea that conservatives want iron clad proof that humans caused it, that reducing emissions will fix it but they don’t need evidence, before declaring war even nuclear war is necessary or even useful

  3. Sickofspin, get your head out of your conservative ass. You didn’t even read the article did you?
    the article was talking about the polar ice caps, and the effects it will have on global weather patterns.
    Try reading the topic before you embarrass yourself again.

  4. As I stated, junk science.
    Apparently this deems repeating: Weathermen can’t accurately predict weather from week to week and you pretend climate ‘guru’s’ know what they’re talking about…..

  5. Dear Sick,Gotta see credentials befor I figure you know more then the scientist that wrote the artical.Please note scientist, not weatherman.We’re not talkin the guy that stands in front of that map.Now, you may think that living for almost 60 years in the same place gives you no credibility when it comes to decideing what the weather should or should not be but let me tell you where I reside I have a pretty clear idea what winter and spring are supposed to be.That said,I personally like this milder stuff.Way easier to get around and much better on the heating bill.Should I have seen that much of a change in my lifetime? I don’t think so. I’ve seen -20 to -30 for a month at a time…but not for the last 10 years.I used to look forward to spring.Now it stays in this limbo thing till June then goes to 90+.We used to ease into spring.It was sweet.Now we have wind all the time and it’s a cold wind.To my way of thinking it just goes from cold to +90.Very often in a week and even as early as April.
    Something is different and I just think that shouldn’t happen in one lifetime.It would be expected to happen over the course of many years.A few hundred or so.
    My thought really isn’t for me,seriously love these easy winters…but why would anyone deny the science of weather.All the warnings from people that are beyond the pointer and weather map.It is going to make a difference,.Not to me,but to those generations that are coming up now.I’m believeing that you have no clue what that will mean to food production.Climates will change all over.Do you seriously think that won’t matter to everyone?I do not understand why if there is even an outside chance on a cold day in hell that people like you don’t at least pay a teensy insey bit of attention to the fact that thier life will be hugely impacted along with the rest of the worlds.Unless you figure it’s too damn late.
    Really sick…the 10 o’clock weather guy is not the one makeing these predictions.I would be way more comfortable in a little bubble if I believed that too.Maybe I’ll just go there.Like I said.I do favor these milder winters.

  6. Hey SICKO, thanks for backing up the claim on global warming.
    Global warming is causing a change in global weather patterns

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