Giuliani Was Handed $11 Million – For What?

Take a look at Rudy Giuliani’s speaking fees. He was paid $11.39 million in … ahem … “speaking fees” in 2006 and early 2007. After commissions he collected $9.195 million.
What were they buying? What was he selling?
Sage Capital Group handed Giuliani $300,000 for an “appearance.” Who is Sage Capital and what are they getting for their $300K? Freescale Semiconductor gave him $100K as did RedPrarie Corporation and Gail & Rice, Inc. Global Leaders Ltd. gave him $200K. Iceland Telecom $200K.
There are dozens and dozens more like that. Go look. What are they buying?

3 thoughts on “Giuliani Was Handed $11 Million – For What?

  1. A friend of mine had what I think is the right answer to the question “What are they buying?”
    They’re buying a candidate.
    (That would basically make the whole situation a soft money runaround, right?)

  2. The trouble with this is that if you apply it universally, there’s not a single national politician of either party you can vote for. Not one. Now that’s depressing, but it does give you an accurate idea of what ordinary people are up against.

  3. Giuliani is making 11 million plus from the corporations and the Bush criminal gang because he knows the truth about 911 and they are buying his silence even though he was part of the whole operation.

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