Ghraib, etc.

There’s not much to say about Abu Ghraib. I didn’t predict the kinky tabloid details (which are the whole reason the story is getting so much play — not the photo of the guy who was beaten to death), but when you saw how Guantanamo was set up and how the “illegal combatant” category was defined, you knew what was coming.

So my opinion about Iraq is about the same now as it was a month ago. A few more people seem to be agreeing with me, which is fine. It always surprises me when that happens; I never have any idea why or why not. I thought Enron would be a big deal.

This leads me to the whole issue of premature correctness. There are an enormous number of people in the media making their mea culpas and hedging what they said a couple of years ago, but nobody’s been demoted or fired, and those of us who were right all along are still on the outside looking in. The pathological, incompetent, dishonest, slavish media people whose cheerleading helped get us into this mess are still in place. And the Democrats are playing the Iraq issue very, very gingerly.

So I expect a few cosmetic changes and a brief moratorium on invasions, but without any major policy change. I’m always glad to be wrong.

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