Getting Nastier In Washington

It’s getting even nastier in Washington. Three stories today: Rejection of ‘Earmarks’ Angers Democrats,

“Rep. Ralph Regula (R-Ohio), who chairs the subcommittee that controls spending on education, health and jobs programs, recently stunned Democrats by announcing plans to reject every “earmarked” project they are seeking in the final, compromise version of the bill, which funds the departments of Education, Health and Human Services, and Labor.”

No government funding for projects in any district with a Democratic representative!

And White House Puts Limits on Queries From Democrats,

“The Bush White House, irritated by pesky questions from congressional Democrats about how the administration is using taxpayer money, has developed an efficient solution: It will not entertain any more questions from opposition lawmakers.”

Democratic lawmakers are no longer allowed to ask the White House any questions!

And Judicial Nominee Approved 10-9:

“The GOP’s main event will be a 30-hour talkathon, which would keep the Senate in session through the night Wednesday into Thursday evening, to showcase the GOP’s case against the Democrats. “

This means that they won’t just have a vote to see if they can override a Democratic filibuster, they’ll make the Democrats talk for 30 straight hours. When Clinton was President the Republicans blocked almost everything using filibusters — and then told the public, “The Democrats are in charge but aren’t pasing the bills you want” — but the Democrats never made them actually filibuster by talking nonstop. This shows the difference between a party that is willing to fight for its constituents, and a party that doesn’t even know it’s in a war.