Getting A Loan

I keep hearing that there is a “credit crunch” and that people and companies can’t get loans. That is not what is happening right now.
There is a TON of money out there to loan. If you can demonstrate an ability to pay it back you can get a loan. In fact there is so much money out there to loan, looking for a SAFE place to get a return that if you can show an ability to pay it back you can get a really good deal right now.
This is not a credit problem at all. It is a SOLVENCY problem. No one wants to loan money to a person or company that is about to go bankrupt.
Update – OK that was a bit too simple. If YOU want to buy a house and have the down payment and good credit and can afford to make the payments, you can get a loan. They’re dying to find you to loan money to you. If you are a solvent manufacturer with cash flow and a good credit history and you need a lot of cash to build a new plant the problem is that many of the banks that you would normally get a loan from are in trouble and THEY can’t borrow the money to then loan out to you.