Get Rid Of Manufacturing Jobs?

Get rid of manufacturing in the US because the workers vote Democrat? Because the jobs are too secure, and security makes the workers too uppity? Is that wingnut enough for you? Or is it the current thinking in “conservative” circles? Take a look here.
I found this while researching for a piece I’ll be posting in a bit.

3 thoughts on “Get Rid Of Manufacturing Jobs?

  1. I pledge allegiance to the Price Tag of the United States of MEXA/CHINA and to the Great WAL/MART for which it stands.
    One Nation Undermined, Devisable with Management’s view of NonUnion liberty and Injustice for ALL.
    Low Price tag guarantee:
    We buy from off shore to cut the throat of American Labor.
    Expected Consequence:
    China will Buy us (USA) with out firing a shot. (Like Japan bought Oahu.)
    Even the Playing Field:
    Look for a Union Label or products made in the United States of America.
    While you can still find them!
    Out Sourcing is Un-American Trading!
    By Roy Olsen

  2. So if these losers that he speaks of with such disdain don’t have jobs, then how are they supposed to support themselves, or their families? I suppose one would think that they would go on welfare, but I suppose that he would probably disagree with welfare’s existance, so I guess the only thing the loser has left is crime. So I guess when the loser breaks into his house and steals his flat screen and his wife’s diamonds, maybe then he might think twice. I doubt it, he will just advocate for the death penalty for all criminals.

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