George Will Blames Carter For Briefing Book Scandal

In Briefing Book Baloney George Will tries to deflect the truth about his role in the 1980 election, blaming Jimmy Carter.
In 1980 the Reagan campaign had an agent in the White House, who stole the breifing book that Carter’s staff had prepared to help him prepare for his debate with Ronald Reagan. (Since then I have wanted to write a novel about foreign spies using ideological Republicans to infiltrate the White House, making them think they were doing it for “the cause” but it looks like Iran beat me to it.)
George Will used the book in his role as Carter’s stand-in for Reagan’s debate preparations. Imagine, a supposed “journalist” who doesn’t report what would have been one of the bigest stories of the decade – a campaign infiltrating the White House and stealing documents! Imagine the conflict-of-interest as Will appeared on TV commenting that Reagan won the debate without disclosing his role in the debate preparation! And imagine the ethics of this person ever working again in journalism!
So what does Will write now? That the accusation is that “Reagan had it because this columnist gave it to him.” But that was never anyone’s accusation! Based on knocking down that he was the thief, he calls the story “a fable.” After what he did, he has the audacity to write a column attacking Jimmy Carter!
And the Washington Post lowers the bar even further by printing this.

4 thoughts on “George Will Blames Carter For Briefing Book Scandal

  1. The right wing junta that took control of the country in 2000 (which was itself only the culmination of a twenty year campaign) is very busy re-writing the history of the United States.
    It is already accepted as fact that Reagan single-handedly defeated the Soviet Union. Most Americans believe that victory in Viet Nam was at hand, if not for the bleeding hearts and artists who betrayed our country.
    Soon, we will read that Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger formed the Plumbers to ferret out the criminal conduct in CREEP, that they were prevented from doing so by liberals, who lied, and turned the whole thing against the president.

  2. And this is the party that is always screaming about moral values! So long as they are fake moral values with lots of emotional appeal they can use to whip the public into hysteria, that is. When it comes to anything like actual honesty and integrity they don’t seem to have ever heard of that. Just a bunch of crooks.
    Even seen photos of a Mafia funeral? You’d think a saint had died. Same kind of thing. Thugs love religiosity.

  3. What If It’s More Than Corruption?

    In the 1980 election the Reagan campaign ran an intelligence operation that, among other things, infiltrated the Carter White House. They had agents sending our most sensitive military secrets to the campaign. At one point they even managed to steal…

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