George W. Bush Coloring Book

[Got this in my inbox at today. Looks amusing. Anything that helps spread the word about the “alternative reality” that this president and his administration operate within is a good thing. —Thomas Leavitt]

New Book by Publisher of Temp Slave

Drawing from the imaginative quotes President Bush has uttered over the

years, the George W. Bush Coloring Book illustrates Bush’s very own words

in the form of a coloring book. Illustrator Karen Ocker lends her visually

distinct style to on-the-record quotes such as “It’s amazing I won. I was

running against peace, prosperity and incumbency,” and “I know the human

being and fish can coexist peacefully.” The coloring book includes an essay

on Bush by Joley Wood. Wood has written on numerous Irish writers,

including essays on James Joyce, George Bernard Shaw, William Butler Yeats,

and a preface for Shaw’s “Saint Joan” (Penguin).

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Available through INGRAM.

ISBN: 1891053949

The George W. Bush Coloring Book


release date March 28, 2004


G.K. Darby

Garrett Ct. Press