George W. Bush and Terrorism

The premise of the bipartisan commission was neutrality and bipartisanship: both sides are equally to blame.  They came to that conclusion because they looked around the table, counted noses, and saw that they were divided 5-5.  It’s as if they agreed not to keep score, and then called the game a tie.

So it’s our job to figure out whether Bush deserves to be blamed or not, since the 9/11 commission made a point of not asking that question.  (We can ask the same question of Clinton too, but the question about Bush is more important, since he’s running for reelection in four months and Clinton isn’t.)

I haven’t been able to look at the 9/11 report yet, but here are some links to earlier research of mine on the topic. This stuff is several months old and there are probably some dead links, but there a lot of stuff there.

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The 9/11 commission assures us that our Saudi and Pakistani allies had nothing whatever to do with 9/11. I’m not so sure, as you can see here:

Who was Bandar Bush?