Gas Prices After Election?

Gas Prices are dropping — just in time for the election. AAA Says Gas Prices Keep Falling; Down 42 Cents Since Reaching Highest Price This Year,

The nationwide average price of self-service regular gasoline is continuing to fall and is 42 cents lower than it was on August 7; the date prices reached their highest point this year of $3.036 per gallon.

What do you think will happen to gas prices after the election?

8 thoughts on “Gas Prices After Election?

  1. I like the new designs.
    I’d like to see gas prices over a series of years before I jump to conclusions, though. For instance, in off-years as well as election years, and before this particular administration got into power.

  2. Also, from what I recall, prices go up in August because that is a time of vacation in the U.S., which usually means a lot of driving. It would go to reason that after August prices would go down.
    I’m not saying there isn’t some market manipulation going on, but I’m a bit cautious at this point.

  3. More craven democrat posturing. You will campaign on cheap gas, even though you know as well as I do that expensive gas is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY (along with lots of other changes to our “way of life”) to prevent out-of-control climate change. But because gas prices have been high recently and people hate it, you will try to convince the fools that high gas prices are the fault of repugs and that dems should be voted in so they can keep gas prices down.
    Americans MUST be told the truth about climate change, insanely inefficient use of fuel and lots of other things. Dems are the last people with the needed courage to do it.

  4. Dems campaigning on cheap gas is perfectly legitimate. Unlike Republicans, they see that cheap gas hurts the lowest economic tier the most and affects the rich the least. Unlike Republicans, they see that gas prices are not the only fix. Included in their policy considerations are not just gas prices but economic justice and the global environment.
    Unlike Republicans, Democratic policy prescriptions go beyond bilking the poor and giving tax breaks to the rich, the corporate, and the corrupt. Unlike Republicans, Democrats can and will look at a wide range of options to solve the environmental problems. Soluctions like funding research in and tax breaks for renewable energy sources, including water, biofuel, wind, hydrogen, and thermal. City planning and development in terms of mass transit, zoning, pollution controls, and higher fuel efficiency. Foreign policy in terms of investments, trade agreements (“free trade” agreements being a misnomer), and the Kyoto Protocol. And on, and on, and on.
    To even try making the case that Democrats are worse on the environment than Republicans is dilusional. Most Republicans still haven’t even acknowledged that climate change is real. Their “courage” to allow higher gas prices is but subservience to their corporate masters and their distain for the people of this country. They are truly the last people who could deal with this problem. In fact, their place at the table, any place, only makes this problem worse.

  5. Yeah, yeah. But will the dems ever have the courage to tell people what they must hear? Not if there’s a chance the repugs will say bad things about them if they do.
    Cheap gas? Sure, we’re the party of cheap gas! LOL.

  6. The fact that gas prices are coming down before the election means that they needn’t have been so high in the first place.
    Let’s try debating one thing at a time. Of course we need energy conservation, planning, and experimentation. Of course global warming is real. That’s not the same issue as administration manipulation of gas prices before the election, so why play into their hands?
    Riding on busses a lot lately, I’ve been noticing the electric busses, the ethanol fueled busses, the hybrid busses, and I don’t know what else is in the controlled experiment going on here to see which kind is most efficient in terms of cost and energy conservation. The city’s also experimenting with making electricity using the tides in the East River, and I’m not sure the Feds are funding any of this.

  7. “The fact that gas prices are coming down before the election means that they needn’t have been so high in the first place.” -mj
    That’s the factoid that I am questioning. As far as the “market” is concerned, there is a cause for seasonal fluctuations in gas pricers. For instance, higher gas prices in August. Since August is driving season, there’s usually a price increase as inventory decreases and the gas market tightens. Whether there was market manipulation to make the price increase higher than it should have been, or market manipulation to have the prices go down further than they normally would because of the election, is a different and much more difficult question to answer. I cannot. It is beyond my expertise or resources to answer such a question. Considering the history, allies, and contacts of this administration, though, I would not find it very surprising.

  8. Gas prices have since 2000 that I could go back, rise in September, they do not go down. So, the media needs to stop pushing this BS that driving drops, ergo, demand drops price falls rationale. It doesnt seem to be the case. I went to 5 sites for gas prices and they always rise Sept – Dec.
    Gas Prices $ per gallon
    Aug-00 146.5
    Sep-00 155.0
    Aug-01 142.1
    Sep-01 152.2
    Aug-02 139.6
    Sep-02 140.0
    Aug-03 162.0
    Sept-03 167.9
    Aug-04 187.0
    Sept-04 200.0
    Aug-05 248.6
    Sep-05 290.3

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