Funny, or Scary?

Here is an example of the kind of e-mail you get when Fox News gives out your blog’s name:

No wonder you sound like a liberal faggot – you look like a queer.

And, many of you have seen the kind of comment that they leave:

Kerry lost not because he was a bad candidate, but that he represents bad ideology. Dave Johnson lives in a state that other than voter fraud in King County would probably be a red state. Funny how the blue states are mainly on the least coast and the party there is made up of limousine liberals, sissies, and union thugs. The left coast is made up of faggots, baby killers, and religion haters. Dave Johnson must be a queer.

They are from the same guy, who identifies himself as a “Colonel.” But they are a few days apart – that’s what creeps me about this one, coming back later and finding my picture. For the record I live in California, not Washington, and do not write comic strips. I was a video game designer 20 years ago. (The reporter was very nice and hard working and made an honest mistake with that.)