Funding The Progressive Movement

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The right has organizations and money that they use to reach the public and tell them over and over that conservatives and their ideas are good, and liberals and their ideas are bad. THEY CREATE DEMAND for their ideas and candidates. So many of their candidates can win by pointing and shout “liberal, liberal.”
With this election we have had a small victory, that came out of an unfunded uprising of netroots progressives. Imagine where we would be today if there were funded “progressive infrastructure” organizations reaching the public and pushing back at the right’s constant messaging. How long can we continue to find the energy to keep the fight going without that?
Imagine where we could be in ’08, ’10 and ’12 if we can find funding to start employing people, training people, paying bloggers, paying people to go on TV and write op-eds and books, and reaching the public to tell them that liberals and their ideas are good and conservatives and their ideas are bad for people.
Imagine if OUR candidates could win just by pointing at a wingnut and saying, “conservative, conservative.”
But it all takes money, applied the right way. Cracking the funding problem is the biggest need of the progressive movement. The lack of funding is our biggest weakness. Sure we won an election. But can we sustain it without a funded infrastructure of supporting organizations – like the Right has?

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  1. Oh, I agree with this. The bulwarks for allowing for sensible, rational discussion is based on having good information. This means having a media that at least can hire opinion makers or experts that provide a progressive perspective. Yet, even with the election in November, the most prominent oped slots are being filled with even more conservative (and frankly totalitarian) voices. Radar’s Right but Poor and Wrong but Rich piece documents how nowadays it’s hard to find a forum in a national medium if you don’t hone the conservative line. Example? CNN hires right wing hate monger Glenn Beck. Without a progressive infrastructure with enough resources behind it to fight back, we will continue to see the VRWC borg assimilate the entire MSM further marginalizing those of us on the left.

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