3 thoughts on “Frozen Embryos

  1. Let’s not pretend congress didn’t know Bush would veto the bill they didn’t have enough votes to force through.

  2. Today I heard on the news that during the Katrina aftermath almost $70,000 was spent on doggie booties.So start knitting.That’s maybe just how crazy it gets.I’m telling you the truth.It was slightly below that like close to $68,000.That was just one of the crazy expenditures.I think we need to appoint a new cabinet post maybe.Guru of common sense or something close to that.Get the most common sense person in the world and all expenditures have to pass his eagle eye.I’m not thinking that is any crazier an idea then that kind of money for doggie booties.OH!! I just thought of the other one although I’m sorry I can not remember the expenditure for this one but…it was, beer making kits.I couldn’t make this up if I tried and if the source is wrong blame the radio news I heard, but I swear this is what they said,beer making kits.I followed every single bit of news I could get my ears on during Katrina as i have a sister in law and family that live in Gulfport. I was worried sick.I was so disgusted by what happened in New Orleans,what people lived through there and still having plenty of issues.Donate money,and what..maybe it went went for doggie booties or beer making kits.I’d pick up the dog and strap the kit to my back I guess.Hope they did.Those were only two of the nutty expenditures listed.The doggie booties I would almost bet, never got to any doggies paws. The beer making kits I would bet are long gone.

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