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I’m posting from the lobby at YearlyKos, sitting on the floor, next to the bathroom, across from the registration desk. This is because they have free wireless here, and it costs a bunch to get hooked up in the rooms, and I’m really cheap. I’m WAYYYY too cheap to pay for Internet in the room when I can get it free by sitting on the floor in the lobby.
The convention is in the Riviera Convention Center, which is really big, so there are other events here at the same time. One event is a national billiards championship so there are all these huge ballrooms stacked full of pool tables, and a special room with three tables and all kinds of really nice sets for TV.
One funny thing – the next convention down from YearlyKos is named NSA. Maybe that’s why there’s free wireless in the lobby – makes it easier for them to tap in. Heh.
Arriving here, being in the line to check into my room, and heading to where YearlyKos is, I had a strange feeling like I sort of recognized lots of people. Yet I didn’t quite. Of course, I did recognize the people I know, but so many other people that seemed familiar… why is that? And then in front of the registration desk for YearlyKos there’s a crowd of people, but ‘re all looking at each other’s badges for clues to who everyone is, because we all know each other from online but have never seen each other. I think you’ll probably read the same observation at other blogs, and in diaries at Kos.
So tonite Markos is giving a keynote talk at 7:30 and I hope there’s some food. I found a Subway across the street where I could get something vegetarian… I was with Mary from Left Coaster and Pacific Views, who said it’s funny how Subway has become the default healthy place to eat when you’re on the road.

Update – I remembered I brought a camers, and did the 3-mile trek to the room to get it. Here’s where I was sitting:

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  1. Sounds like fun although I wonder what the hotel thinks about a lot of people converging in their convention center to sit on the lobby floor with their laptops!
    Enjoy, you earned it and I need to live it vicariously;)

  2. Very smart of Subway to think of providing veggie food, especially in CA! They’ll have a captive market as the only fast food veggie place.

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