From the heart

Well, here’s hoping Kerry goes the distance. Tomorrow phone-banking is taking place at my house and tomorrow night it’s off to a friend’s to take in the results. May we be able to celebrate at the end of the night!

…I want to state that the thought of a President Kerry fills me with hope. Partly it is because I believe the man I saw in the news as a child, the man who fought the war in Vietnam and who bravely spoke truth to power when he returned, that man is not capable of driving the military and the country to the ground, refusing to give up on waging a hopeless and mistaken war. Partly it is Kerry’s proposed catastrophic health coverage. Partly it is that I believe he is a decent man — I think he will surprise us, as Gavin Newsome has done, here in San Francisco. When Kerry said, ‘Faith without works is dead,’ in the last debate, I thought of Mayor Gavin Newsome, who, like Kerry, was raised a good Catholic boy. Mayor Gavin Newsome has been walking the streets of the toughest neighborhoods in the city, trying to bring both services and hope. No one thought he would do that.