Friendly poll: Green or Democrat or neither?

Based on the comments I’ve seen posted, STF seems to have a very diverse audience. I’m curious to see if there aren’t more Greens here than I’d otherwise expect. Cast your vote in the comments section, and let us know where you’re coming from. Also, if you’ve changed from a Green to a Democrat as a result of postings on this blog, or vice versa, or something else, let us know.

My gut instinct is that the Green/Democrat flame wars are pretty ineffective at recruiting for each side, but maybe I’m flat out wrong.

Thomas Leavitt

P.S. Trivia time: name the one presidential ticket with a woman on it(*). I know the answer. 🙂

Update: Hey, one of the comments prompted another couple of trivia questions: a) name two parties that have not had a woman on their presidential ticket in 1996, 2000, and 2004; b) name a party that has had a woman on the ticket in the last three elections. I know what my answers are. 🙂 And the Prohibition Party is not among them. 🙂

* among the 6 that Ballot Access News estimates will qualify for enough ballot lines to theoretically win in November