Free Markets and Ponies

In science you study what happens. In ideology you talk about what you wish would happen. One DEscribes, the other PREscribes.
The Wrath of the Free Market God takes a look at what actually happens when right-wing economic ideology is implemented. Enron, concentration of wealth, corporatization and the Dubai Ports deal.

Make no mistake what is happening. The Globalists are attempting to replace the nation/state with corporate hegemony. In many respects they have already succeeded. Our democracy has been subverted not by dictatorial government takeover, but by the stealth usurpation through a shadowy pay to play scheme. Instead of the traditional coup by military means, an army of corporate lobbyists has descended upon Washington with decidedly similar results.

Now, to be fair, I will grant that what we have with countries like China certainly is not free trade. China “pegs” its currency – and Bush lets them. This means that everything made in China costs about half as much as it should, and everything we make costs Chinese consuers about twice what it should. And our trade with most other countries is certainly not “free” because they by-and-large subsidize industries, don’t allow unions or environmental laws, or so many other non-free-trade violations that you can’t keep up And Republicans let them all get away with it in the name of free-market ideology.
But, of course, that’s the real world, and that’s the point. REAL people take advantage when you let them. That’s where DEscribing what people actually do interferes with right-wing ideological dreams of what people should do. People SHOULD get ponies. But what really happens is we get poorer, lose our health insurance, lose our pensions, lose our manufacturing infrastructure and lose our democracy.

4 thoughts on “Free Markets and Ponies

  1. At this point I’m not sure that the “ideological dream” isn’t just a hoax. The “free market” is anything but what ideology says it should be. The ideology spouted by the right is almost exactly the opposite of what is actually happening. Smaller government, lower taxes, less government interference in people’s lives, etc. See what I mean? Say one thing, do another, and the devout followers tag along blinded by the light.

  2. Dave, Clinton and democrats in congress did at least as much as Bush to push us into the globalization nightmare. For a democrat to take a sanctimonious stance on trade issues is ridiculous.

  3. MJ,
    Bravo. Bush is verrrry unconservative when it comes to domestic spending and the growth of government. And the big spending Republicans in the House and Senate are only too willing to spend our money freely. I would disagree with the lower taxes comment, as I have seen my taxes decrease significantly due to the tax cuts.
    Although I trust President Bush 100% when it comes to National Security, I will be working to put a real conservative in the White House in 08.
    Hopefully, a strong conservative presence in the White House will be able to reel-in the House and Senate.

  4. Dave,
    It sounds like the democracy you are afraid of losing is the one you want to guarantee your income, health insurance, pension and private business’s manufacturing infrastructure.
    Dave, that’s not a democracy, that’s a mommy. The quit taking care of you when you turned 18.
    When did you begin to believe that those things weren’t your responsibilty?

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