Fred Thompson Writing At Anti-Semitic Website

I received this in my e-mail, from the far-right website Townhall. What is Fred Thompson, possible Republican presidential candidate doing writing there?
In the screenshot of the e-mail I received below, see Thompson advertised right under “What is it with Jews and guns?” It is an article about how Liberals are Jews and Jews are “paranoid.”

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I’ve written about the the anti-Jewish stuff on this site before. Previous Townhall stuff includes,

The sad fact is that the ACLU is made up in good part of Jews, and it is that organization and its lawyers who are leading the assault against Christmas.

So what is Fred Thompson doing writing for them? Is this how he drums up support from the far-right of the Republican “base?”
Seriously, which Republican will denounce this stuff, rather than participate in it?
Another screen shot follows in the extended entry.

Here is his listing at the site.

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The site is also carries articles that say things like:

Since 9/11, many of us have wondered: Where are the moderate Muslims? If they are out there, why are we not hearing more, and getting more help, from them in the fight against our common foe — the totalitarian Islamists?


no Islamic leader or cleric has denounced those who recruit, indoctrinate, train and arm the suicide bombers who kill children.

And this,

In addition to not being a country, the “European Union” happens to be composed of people who hate our guts. It is the continent where lunatics are the friendly, pro-American types and the rest are crazy Muslims.

But Wait! There’s More! Stuff like this: Why Feminist Mommies are like Pimps,

The liberated feminists in our society see this as the ultimate victory. Eliminating men from the lives of children in their book is a very good thing.

And this: Mormonism: Religion, Denomination, or Cult?
Is THIS how Fred Thompson wants to be known?

9 thoughts on “Fred Thompson Writing At Anti-Semitic Website

  1. Oy. First, it’s Semitic, not Semetic. Second, Burt Prelutsky may be many things, but since he’s Jewish, his behavior would have to be outrageous before anyone could say he is anti-semitic. I disagree with him, but I certainly think he is within reasonable discourse to ask if their is something there. I dislike it when some Jews call others Jews, self-hating. I dislike it when someone calls a Jew anti-semitic because they don’t like his speech.
    There is an organization that I find really intriguing, Jews for the preservation of firearms. There’s a lot of food for thought at that site. And no, they are not anti-semitic either.
    Let’s not be part of the mob that loves to denounce others. Dialogue is good.
    Also, so, am I banned or something, or is there some reason my comments are never posted?

  2. You’re talking about the guy who wrote “The sad fact is that the ACLU is made up in good part of Jews, and it is that organization and its lawyers who are leading the assault against Christmas.”
    He SAYS he’s “Jewish,” but come on. He writes at a “Christian” site about ow Jews are ruining the country.

  3. Yeah, this stuff is pandering, but not necessarily just to the far right. I could tell you some hair-raising tales about the Republican party and anti-Semitism from way back in the good old days.
    And nobody ever was more anti-Semitic than Nixon, except maybe Hitler. Even if he did hire some Jews.

  4. Dave – not only can you not see the forest for the trees, you’re just slinging dirt…no logic found here.
    The fact is, the ACLU takes many anti-Christian positions, and happens to count many Jews among its staff. That’s not anti-semitic, it’s a statistic. Shame on you for questioning the religion of the writer of the piece, Prelutsky, simply for confronting his fellow Jews for their misguided views. I suppose you’d also bash a moderate Muslim for confronting a radical Muslim?
    Michael Savage is a staunch supporter of Israel, yet has also pointed out the hypocrisy of Jews who support the ACLU. Does that make Savage an anti-Semitic supporter of Israel???
    Your logic fails miserably. Nice desperate attempt to somehow make it reflect on Fred Thompson. If you’re a paid smear merchant, you owe someone their money back.

  5., LOL! Yes,, where Jewish authors comprise a significant potion of the writing staff (Dennis Prager, Jonah Goldberg, Charles Krauthammer, Mona Charen, Burt Prelutsky, Ben Shapiro, Jacob Sullum, Paul Greenberg and others), is “Anti-Semetic?”
    Get a grip. And someone please tell me where proclaims itself to be a “Christian” website? Truth is, many of the same authors who write for also write for Jewish World Review.
    OMG! Christian and Jewish conservatives have discovered their shared values and are working together as brothers and sisters. Run for the hills!
    So in your myopic leftist view, is anything written by a liberal Jew okay, but anything written by a conservative Jew anti-Semitic?

  6. I’d love to be enlightened about any anti-Christian positions taken by the ACLU. It’s amazing how unconscious anti-Semitism works. The assumption is that the ACLU takes anti-Christian positions, whatever the writer might think those positions are, because there are Jews on its staff! What a confused mind this person has. Jews don’t attack or go after Christians. It’s the other way around, except that the supposed ‘Christians’ who do that don’t really qualify as Christians. Isn’t Fred Thomson the idiot who said something about liking Jews now because he likes money? Ha!
    I wonder if the writer of this drivel know what an anti-Christian or pro-Christian position is, and exactly what he considers “Christian.” I’d bet he belongs to some tiny far right, far-out sect that considers itself Christian.

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