“Franken Stole the Election!!!”

Now that he’s lost, Norm Coleman plans to stink up the place. In his statement he revives some old claims that were knocked down weeks ago. The WSJ is on board. The odious Dick Morris is hard at work; presumably he’s being paid. The national attack is being coordinated by the Swiftboater Benjamin Ginsberg.
Hannity, Limbaugh, Coulter, Lott, and the WSJ have been flogging the “stolen election” idea for a month already, and now we can expect it to explode. They won’t be able to keep Franken from being seated, but they can raise suspicions. This will be just one more small obstacle in Obama’s path — keeping a Democratic Senator out of office for awhile, sucking up the media oxygen, and diverting attention from Obama’s attempts to prevent a depression, deal with the Israel Palestine dispute, etc. They want to cripple this American President the way they crippled Clinton.
The truth of the matter is that Franken honestly won a very close election after an honest, carefully done recount. The wingers will be pushing a lie: “Franken stole the election”. They don’t really need people to believe that — they just want to put Franken (and indirectly Obama) under a cloud. If the conventional wisdom becomes “Franken won in court after a controversial and flawed recount — some say he stole it”, then the wingers will have won. And something like that’s about what we should expect from the zombie media.
The battle against the lies has just begun. My guess is that some of the Republican scum kept their horns pulled in while it still seemed that Coleman might win, but we can now expect to see them crawling out from under their rocks. (And sorry for the mixed metaphor).