Ford Conspires With Far-Right Against Gays, For Scalito

In case you didn’t know, Ford Motor Company has made a deal with the far-right American Family Association to pull all of its ads from Gay media. What’s next – denying health care and pensions? Firing all gay employees?
And, get this, the individuals at Ford are ex-White House, and are conducting meetings IN FORD OFFICES coordinating strategy on getting Scalito on the Supreme Court
Look to AMERICABlog for ongoing coverage of this story.

More today: Ford’s Jaguar, Land Rover Brands End Ads In Gay Media

1 thought on “Ford Conspires With Far-Right Against Gays, For Scalito

  1. And Ralph Reed was on the Enron payroll and the Microsoft payroll. when you have operatives and money launderers peppered through the business world doing your bidding, it makes life real easy to be a rulling party.

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