For President

Who are you supporting for president?
Right now I think Wesley Clark would make the best President.
What about the Republicans? Who do you think is running? Do any of them give you a feeling that they care about the country more than The Party? (Of course, The Party won’t let anyone like that past the primaries.)

7 thoughts on “For President

  1. I might consider Clark if he showed some backbone and ran as the “liberaL ” ( Rockefeller) Republican he is and tried to reclaim his party for the adults.
    I will not vote for him if he insists on running as a Quisling Democrat.
    We are suppose to have 2 parties isn’t it about time they nominated people who were truely representative of thier bases rather then having 1 1/2 rethuglicans running nd no democrats?
    Also it doesn’t speak well for someone who lies about his true political orientation and is to cowardly to face oppostion to reclaim his own party. A liar and a coward hardly a recommendation. Another proof he is a rethuglican.

  2. I’m kind of with you, Ken. But “cowardly” tends more to prove he’s a demo after all.

  3. Who are you supporting for president?

    no idea yet, but from your linked list…
    – Evan Bayh
    – Russ Feingold
    would get my attention. I still hold out hope for a move to Dean. 🙁

    However, the suggestion that Hillary’s schmoozing w/Rupert Murdoch just kind’a bends my brain right now. If she can pull that one off, we could have SBVT ads against Jeb in ’08. I’d pay good $$ for a ringside seat.

    What about the Republicans? Do any of them give you a feeling that they care about the country more than The Party?

    (thinking… thinking… thinking…)


  4. It really doesn’t matter who we want because if things stay the same as they have been in the last two elections (sic) then the Republicans can run Jack the Ripper and he will win. The news media is under the right wing power and the voting machines have been made by Republican supporters. What more do you need for another illegal election?

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