Fomenting a new war — with Iran

Probably everyone has seen this somewhere else, but the two links below are must-reads.

Apparently the Franklin espionage case isn’t really about espionage. It’s about a behind-the-scenes attempt by Bush people in the White House and the Defense Department, Likud people in Israel, the semi-fascist Italian military intelligence group SISMI, and the serial liar Manuchar Ghorbanifar to provoke an American war against Iran in 2005.

Some of these people also were involved in the production of the forged “Nigerien uranium” documents. Some of them also were sponsors of Ahmad Chalabi, who ironically now has betrayed the U.S. and fled to Iran. (Or is he now an American double agent there…..?)

Like the Iran-Contra period (which had some of the same personnel) , this is a time when tinfoil-hat jokes are not funny. Sometimes you REALLY DO have conspiracies.

I think that this also gives us an answer for dovish Kerry skeptics. Kerry isn’t very dovish, but I can’t imagine him initiating a war against Iran on the lines now being planned by the Bush administration.

Juan Cole

Josh Micah Marshall, Laura Rozen, and Paul Glastris

Links to Jaynes on Israel-Iran


Just as a bonus, here’s
Chapter 28: George Bush from Walsh’s Iran-Contra report. George H. W. Bush was a major player in Iran-Contra. His cooperation with the investigation was minimal and grudging, and he witheld important material from the commission (notably his diary). Bush’s non-cooperation began while he was Vice-President and continued all through his Presidency. In Walsh’s words, “The criminal investigation of Bush was regrettably incomplete.”

Here’s the chapter’s conclusion:

“Had a final Bush interview occurred, the questioning regarding the non-production of Bush’s diary would have focused on the decision of Bush and or Gray not to disclose the existence of the diary initially in April 1987, in response to OIC’s document request, and to delay its ultimate production until December 1992. The questioning would have addressed Bush’s familiarity with the 1987 OIC and congressional document requests, and his knowledge of the production of the Reagan diary in 1987. It would have sought an explanation of his previously described July 20, 1987, diary note condemning Shultz for producing Charles Hill’s daily notes of Shultz’s thoughts, discussions and activities.

It also would have covered Bush’s diary entry of November 25, 1986, regarding a telephone call he had with North following his firing, and the substance of information he obtained from North and relayed to President Reagan regarding the fact that Israeli officials were extremely upset about the day’s events.”

While George H. W. was not the fuckup that George W. has been, he still was a dark force. He got a fair amount of flak for being a weenie East Coast patrician, but he didn’t deserve it at all. He was more like a cool, well-dressed mobster.


Second bonus: last year there was a scandal no one heard about (funny how selctive the media are!) Katerina Leung, a long-time Republican activist with high-level ties in the party, was accused of being a double agent for China. She had been an FBI informant for years and had also been sexually involved with two of her FBI handlers. She will be coming to trial this fall — one of the FBI agents involved (who, incidentally, had also been involved in investigating Clinton and Johnny Chung) has already pled guilty and has agreed to cooperate with the prosecutors.

And it’s tiresome to have to keep asking this: but what would the media and the rightwing attack bots be saying if Leung had been an important Democrat?

Those people don’t care at all about this country. The rightwingers only want to destroy liberalism, and the media only want their paychecks.

Summary / Original story / Implicated FBI agent resigns (2003) / FBI agent pleads guilty (2004) / Status of Case (2004) / Early Trial (2004)