Flotilla Raid

Israeli commandos attacked a flotilla of relief vessels because “Gaza flotilla activists tried to lynch us“?
What am I missing? Israel says the people on the flotilla attacked them, so they had to raid the boats and shoot them in self defense? What?
Update – OK I was being snarky. I’m reading some of the conservative blogs, and they’re saying that the people on the flotilla “ambushed” the Israeli commandos who were trying to take over the boats in international waters, tried to “lynch” them, attacked them, etc. This is beyond absurd.

2 thoughts on “Flotilla Raid

  1. What’s “beyond absurd” is that you really believe this was nothing but a “relief” flotilla, that they were just delivering “humanitarian aid”. That has been

    . So it wasn’t a “relief” flotilla, unless you agree with the Islamists that “relief” equates to “wiping out the Jews”

  2. Israel uses brute force as it’s first, last and only option.
    And even at that, they’ve ended up on the losing end of these confrontations – – like that stupid 2006 war in Lebanon and now this debacle.
    The magic is gone.
    Israel is now run by vicious thugs backed up by incompetent goons.

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