Flight 93 Markets To Conservative Blogs Only

In MyDD :: United Flight 93 Chris Bowers asks why the new movie Flight 93 purchased ads on every “conservative” blog and no Liberal blogs.

I am the manager of the Liberal Blog Advertising Network, which has 86 member blogs that combine for 17.78 million page views per week. It is the second largest advertising network at Blogads. From what I can tell, not a single blog in that network features the Untied 93 advertisement that apparently was purchased on all 103 members of the Conservative Blog Advertising Network. That network has 4.37 million page views per week, just under 25% of our traffic.
Why did the marketers of United Flight 93 decide to only advertise on conservative political blogs? The Liberal Blog Advertising Network is four times as large, and is even a 20-30% better deal per page view (or CPM, to use the relevant industry term). Do they think that attack is only relevant to red America? Do they think that only Republicans were attacked on 9/11? Do they think that only conservatives remember that day? Do they think that the only people who took action on United Flight 93 had voted for George Bush one year earlier?

8 thoughts on “Flight 93 Markets To Conservative Blogs Only

  1. ‘cuz they need to be told how and what to think?
    Only half-joking, but it does seem odd. Perhaps a more charitable explanation is that the liberal audience will turn out without advertising. Some of the rightwing sites are already claiming it’s not true to the facts and doesn’t push the points hard enough.

  2. Now that’s downright weird, and I have no explanation for it. I definitely will not go to see this movie if that’s what they’re pulling.

  3. easy question.
    Because midterm elections are approaching and the republicans are in serious shit.
    They need to work up a good frothing patriotic fervor, and re-open the wounds.
    It’s also a good chance (combined with “The Man who Predicted 9/11” the other movie they showed all night) to hammer home the official conspiracy theory, with specific points such as:
    “no one ever could have anticipated the attacks”, and
    “no one ever could have anticipated a second plane hitting the second tower”
    Most libs don’t believe the official story, and they’re very unlikely to switch sides now, so who cares if they watch the movie, but the republicans have been jumping ship, and need to be brought back on board.
    so, how many points do I get for supplying the obvious answer?

  4. “Some of the right-wing sites are already claiming it’s not true to the facts and doesn’t push the points hard enough.”
    That’s beautiful! Sneaky toads. It’s like when they call us the fascists! Or when they scream about the liberal media. Just like the homophobe screaming about fags at the bar, then coming into the men’s bathroom and hitting on me. No one could possibly suspect them!
    Actually, there were very few controversial statements made about the nature of the attacks. Why? Because, they don’t want to act divisively, after all, most democrats lined up squarely behind the pres in the immediate aftermath of the attacks, so maybe a portion of those sheople will return to the flock if the films just stick to the one undisputed fact; a lot of people died horrible deaths that day.
    We need a movie based on David Ray Griffin’s essential book, The 9/11 Commission Report; Omissions and Distractions…I hear Oliver Stone is working on something, I wonder if he’s got the balls to do the job right….?

  5. FWIW, I received an email yesterday offering me free tickets to Flight 93 in return for posting a banner on my site. I’m not part of any group blogads and don’t know how they found my site or why they chose it, but just a datapoint.

  6. oops, my bad. I thought all this hype was about the made for TV movie shown on A&E last night.
    I just realized that you all are referring to a Hollywood made piece of shit being shown in movie theaters.
    I’m not much of a movie-goer or a TV-watcher.

  7. I’ve not heard anything about this film except for the gushing about it from Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and some of my local wingnut talkers. That alone is enough to make me not want to see it. I don’t care how good it is— I don’t have the patience to wade through all the bullshit those people shovel at me looking for the occasional piece of reliable information.
    I listen to those ignoramuses so I know what bullshit they’re flogging this week, and who is paying to advertise on their shows. United 93 has been on their heavy rotation for the last two weeks, and I’ve assumed that it was an egregious piece of hagiographical propaganda. I’ve yet to see any direct advertising for it.
    My general rule: if the wingnuts are selling it, then I’m not buying. Full stop.

  8. I think it is about keeping the base whipped in fear and emotionally pliable enough to forget the ports and the porn and the deficit and the bad leadership and the lies and that we already have two wars that aren’t going well. And. and. and.

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