F**king Deregulation

The profit incentive: Hundreds of Rule Violations Tied to Possible Blackouts. What do you f**king expect? All deregulation means is letting corporate executives do whatever they want in order to pocket the most money.

I was home a couple weeks ago with a cold, so I was watching the cable news channels a bit. I came across Dennis Kucinich talking about the East Coast power blackout. I think it was Lou Dobbs, but I’m not sure. The anchor asked Kucinich what “incentive” energy companies would have to provide electricity to the public if they were regulated. Kucinich answered something along the lines of, “They’re ENERGY COMPANIES! They’re SUPPOSED TO provide ENERGY to the public. That’s what energy companies are supposed to f**king DO!” (Emphasis added. Actually most of the words except ‘the’ and ‘to’ were added, but it loosely expresses the nature of what he said.) (Also: Good for him!)


What’s all this crap about companies and executives needing “incentives” to do their f**cking jobs?

Oh yeah, speaking of doing their jobs, where were the FERC (That stands for F**king ENERGY REGULATION Commission) when these companies were violating these regulations?