Five Letters: B.L.A.C.K.

While writing today about what conservatives are saying, I came across this little gem — The mortgage crisis is because we allowed black people to get mortgages. Subprime Mortgage Market In Perspective,

Scarcely a soul will recall that political pressure over red-lining was partially responsible for the subprime failures in the first place.

And while on this subject, in my earlier post about conservative philosophy, I chose not to comment on the blatant racism of the conservative Townhall post but I will point it out now. That post wrote about the “shiftless people” of New Orleans and makes a point of calling the mayor, “Mr. “Chocolate City.” And the readers “got it.”
I don’t usually fault bloggers for the comments they elicit, but this post was very clear in its point, and the number of readers leaving racist comments demonstrated that they got that point. Comment examples,

Yes, Katrina was different. It was different because of the huge fat women sitting on the kerb surrounded by their 12 year old daughters with their babies, chanting WE WANTS HEP! instad of getting up off their fat behinds and looking after themselves.
Two weeks after 9/11 the news cameras had packed up and refused to show us any more video or film; months later in New Orleans we were still being treated to shots of wailing Black women and their fatherless babies sitting on their backsides and screaming for cash.
The difference between Katrina and New York City on 9/11 is five letters long. B L A C K

Other comment examples:

You’re very lucky you don’t own a business because a Mr. Jackson and a Mr. Sharpton would be on your doorstep shaking you down for reparations payments.
…Presidents from now on will have to tell all the citizens down there, sitting on their fat, welfare fed butts, that we’ll never forget and the checks are coming.

In a nation where many people think that they are entitled to reparations for slavery, it is unlikely we will get over Katrina anytime soon.

Time to get these ‘welfare queens’ off the government dole.

Has no one noticed that the middle class blacks left New Orleans? It was the ones who were poor that got left behind. And one of the main reasons they are poor are because of liberal policies that hurt family values and promote a general sense of irresponsibility – not just among blacks but among liberals in general.

The fat Blacks in New Orleans should take a note.

…they need a Guliani-esque type mayor to reshape i.e. clean out the inept police force and instill a tough clean up the streets type police chief who will dredge up the thugs that rule New Orleans and deposit them in the can.

Yes, they came here to Houston. Our crime rate is over the top. Between the “victims” and the illegals you can just imagine. … They are still having regular Americans pay their rent. Of course, ACORN is involved as well as Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee. Go figure.

Before intergration, we dealt with MORE issues than waiting on a governement check

if the pictures from NOLA had shown fat WHITE women sitting on the kerbstone chanting WE WANTS HEP! instead of stirring their stumps on their own behalf, the answer would now be a yawn, just as it was when the Wal-Mart Looter Video showed that even the Black COPS were stealing. And remember how many of these same people said that the reason “Whitey” did not come with sedan chairs to carry them away to a Five Star Life of Ease was RACISM.

The dems have created, coddled and kept down an entire population for the past forty years. The “victims” have become the life blood of your party.
The population of NO is a great example of what your party has done. There are people who literally can’t do a darn thing for themselves. That’s not being compassionate, that’s being elitist and superior.
Lastly, I find nothing progressive about your party. You have used the same ploys for decades, race baiting and class envy.

It is NOT katrina that wiped-out and ruined NO. It is a large segment of this citizenry that created the nightmare that is NO prior too, during and after. There is no amount of government money that will make these citizens change themselves or their behaviors.

Nagin’s “Chocolate City” was a s*** hole before Katrina, and an even worse one now. I lost whatever sympathy I had for the NO “refugees” a few days after the storm, when so many of them wound up here in Houston, and prompty started scamming everyone in sight, from the Feds on down, for money. Never mind how much the crime rate here skyrocketed after they showed up, and even how the local school district was talking about setting up separate schools for the “refugee’s” kids, since they could not seem to attend the regular schools without assaulting the locals right and left.

the theme of blacks on Welfare dominates because in New Orleans, blacks dominate. It is, as the Mayor said, a “chocolate city.”

Did you forget to mention that blacks represent 13% of the population yet 47% of the welfare recipients are black?
…You’re intellect is stellar. So…..what you meant is blacks are approx. 10 times more likely to be on welfare white people, nnless you “forget” to use poulation statistics.

There is a lot more there but it’s too sickening to continue…

2 thoughts on “Five Letters: B.L.A.C.K.

  1. Holy Shit! Sometimes I’m ashamed to be an American.
    I’ve got the perfect pair of books to read about this sitting on my desk: for the hateful side, to understand exactly the administration point of view towards what the Federal government should do about disasters, if you can stomach it, read “The Politics of Disaster: Katrina, Big Government, and a New Strategy for Future Crisis” by Marvin Olasky. Keep a barf bowl handy.
    For a realistic assessment of what’s going on, read “The Edge of Disaster” by Stephen Flynn. He’s been on TV a lot lately, interviewed because of the collapsed bridge and all the flood disasters. His thesis: we’re asking for it because we’ve so totally neglected our national infrastructure; bridges, levees, dams, etc. etc. It hardly matters in he long run whether the disaster has natural causes or is caused by terrorism if we refuse to take the necessary steps to prevent it. And you can’t blame that on, uh, blacks, either. But you can blame it on national policy.

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