Has anyone besides Digby commented on this? Scroll down to Michael Froomkin Update:

December 30, 2005 — More on Firstfruits. The organization partly involved in directing the National Security Agency program to collect intelligence on journalists — Firstfruits — is the Foreign Denial and Deception Committee (FDDC), a component of the National Intelligence Council. The last reported chairman of the inter-intelligence agency group was Dr. Larry Gershwin, the CIA’s adviser on science and technology matters, a former national intelligence officer for strategic programs, and one of the primary promoters of the Iraqi disinformation con man and alcoholic who was code named “Curveball.”

Digby provides a link to Firstfruits. The CIA’s agency in charge of domestic spying on American journalists was named Firstfruits. So there’s a CIA department on a mission from God to spy on journalists? This is skin crawling, send a shiver down your spine creepy.

3 thoughts on “Firstfruits?

  1. it is very creepy, but smells just like the rest of this administrations doings. When will we be able to return to the rule of law?

  2. The fact that there’s actually a “Denial and Deception Committee” out there having meetings really just kind of overshadows the rest of the post, I think. Isn’t that just redundant anyway?

  3. Well, that it comes from Wayne Madsen makes me take it with a grain of salt. I don’t care what Froomkin says, Madsen is a nut. He has a conspiracy-theorist contaminated reporting style, based on conjecture, assertion of allegations as fact, and tenuous chains of causation and connection. If some reliable person can flesh out this story, then I’ll take it seriously.

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