First case of fragging in Iraq

From Yahoo News, 20 minutes ago, U.S. Launches Major Operation in West Iraq . At the end of the story, just prior to “Elsewhere”:

Separately, U.S. Staff Sgt. Alberto B. Martinez, of Troy, N.Y., was charged with murder Wednesday in the deaths last week of two Army officers at a base north of Baghdad, the military said Thursday.
The military initially attributed the June 7 killings of the officers — Capt. Phillip T. Esposito and 1st Lt. Louis E. Allen — to an insurgent mortar attack near Tikrit but said further investigation showed the blast pattern was inconsistent with such an attack.
Martinez, 37, a supply specialist with the 42nd Infantry Division, a New York-based National Guard unit, is facing two counts of premeditated murder, according to a military statement.
He was being held at a military jail in Kuwait and has been assigned a military attorney and has the option of hiring a civilian lawyer, the statement said.

6 thoughts on “First case of fragging in Iraq

  1. First? Yes:

    Hasan Akbar, who turned 34 yesterday, faces the death penalty for the killings at Camp Pennsylvania in Kuwait
    Iraq, four letters. Kuwait, six letters. Shared border, different countries.
    Is that you Scotty?

  2. Reading comprehension tip for the day:
    Only read the black parts of the page.

  3. Whatever. “Iraq”, in the context in which you used it, refers to the Iraq War. I don’t understand your inability to admit the tiniest little error. Instead you act like a Republican corporate lawyer. Most people would have said, “yeah, I forgot about that one”. Grow up, Gary.

  4. You are an idiot. I am not responsible for you reading between the lines. I did not write “Iraq War.” If I had meant “Iraq War” I would have written “Iraq War.” I specifically said “First fragging in Iraq” because I intended to say “First fragging in Iraq.”
    I have no problem with rational criticism. I am not responsible for the “context” that you or anyone else reads into the actual words I put on the page.
    I think we need a variant of Godwin’s law for people who accuse someone they disagree with of being a Republican corporate lawyer or Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity clone.
    The second all too common tactic is telling someone you disagree with to “grow up” or “quit whining.” Those are great all purpose retorts for people who don’t have anything intelligent to add. It’s the intellectual equivalent of “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Everything you say bounces of me and sticks to you.”

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