Firefox and Flash

I’m still having a problem with Firefox and Flash. I either can’t play videos like YouTube, or there is no sound. If I reinstall Flash it works for a day or two then quits again. Everything works fine in Internet Explorer, except I hate IE.
Do you think the Firefox people will ever fix it?

1 thought on “Firefox and Flash

  1. signing up is a bit of pain here.
    I am having similar problems but if you download the latest Firefox it’ll work. Yahoo linked me but you could go right to Firefox thru IE. Download the latest.
    I think it’s either some wingers spreading more viruses or really Windows doing their proprietory attacks upon the opposition. A recent upgrade gave me Antivirus2009 which demands 50 bucks from me and Windows is pushing that on windows users or allowing it to happen. I’ve had to wipe my computer clean to get rid of that one before.
    time to move on either Apple or Linux? If I had the money?

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