Firefighters Smeared at Bush Blog

Unbelievable. Firefights support Kerry, so they get smeared. Check this out at the OFFICIAL Bush weblog, :: Official Blog :: August 01, 2004 – August 07, 2004 Archive. The post links to this:

“Generally speaking, the likelihood that a firefighter will vote for John Kerry is inversely proportional to the number of fires he has actually fought. Witness all those T-shirted “Fire Fighters for Kerry” you saw at the convention. A little soft around the middle some of them were, weren’t they? Do you think some of them could haul a hose pack up 50 flights of stairs? I’m not betting on it. I’m guessing the only fires many of them have seen lately were at IAFF barbecues.”

There’s more, and it is just disgusting. It praises Cheney for his use of foul language, it says Republicans are “regular guys,” etc.