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The other day, in Military Assisting Republican Party? I wrote about a story that the Bush Administration is sending active-duty military personnel around the country to promote The Party‘s activities.
I am told that if enough people visit the Inspector General’s website to file a complaint, it puts pressure on them to investigate.

6 thoughts on “File A Complaint

  1. I went to that site to list a complaint and it pretty much scared me to list anything, I think I’ll
    contact Levin he’s my senator. It will be safer

  2. You gotta be kidding, Dave. You’re asking that we put ourselves on this list? This is the “take me to the soccer stadium before I’m never seen or heard of again” list. right?

  3. I have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER signing my name and entering all my info. at that sight (like they don’t already have it!).
    My problem is that it seems as though only millitary people are supposed to use this. Am I wrong?
    Remember: your silence will not protect you.

  4. I’m retired military and currently working as a govt contractor.
    The IG site is for employees of the DoD (military, civilian or contractor) to file complaints about fraud, waste or abuse in the DoD workplace. If you don’t work for the DoD, your comments can’t be acted on.
    It would be much more effective to contact your Congress member. I definitely plan to do the same. It sickens me to see the Repugs using veterans like this. I wonder how many of their family members are in uniform?

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