Fighting Back

Here is a comment I left over at Digby’s blog: (Edited to make me look better.)

I come out of marketing and marketing people know that if you spend a lot of money to repeat something over and over it will effectively get many if not most people to think that whatever you are saying is true. That’s why people think that one soap is better than another or Shell is better than the no-brand discount gas station, etc.

And the Right has spent a lot of money – billions – and built up the channels for repeating things over and over. It’s really a very simple, basic thing if you think about it. They spend a lot of money to repeat a core ideology and people start to accept it. Duh!

So what do we do about it? We start to spend a lot of money to repeat over and over that Progressive solutions are better for regular people. And we learn how to do it with modern marketing methods. We learn how to craft a message specifically for this demographic or that demographic, etc. We learn how to craft our message into language that resonates emotionally, etc. We fund organizations that train Progressives in media techniques so they come across better on TV. We do all the things the Right is doing — which are all the things modern corporations do to sell soap to you. It really is just like selling soap.

But I think the core is that we have to start repeating the UNDERLYING message, that Progressive values benefit regular people. THEN we tie narrow issues to those underlying values. That is the key thing the Right has learned about how to sell their issues. They start by selling the ideas that underly the issues. After people come to accept these underlying ideas THEN they tie it to the issues.

And all of this gets your candidates elected. So spending money on this is better and longer lasting than money spent on election cycle stuff.