Fight TPP

I received this message from the TradeReform people. It’s about fighting the Trans-Pacific Partnership — read it or just click here to fight it. (For details on TPP read my post, TPP: The Coming Fast-Track Trade Outrage)

Dear Dave:

President Obama’s Office of the U.S. Trade Representative is negotiating an agreement on trade and global government matters called the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).

They won’t let us see what’s in it.

But persistent demands to know the content of that agreement are starting to make headway. It’s working!

Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member, Sander Levin (D-MI), gave a comprehensive speech on trade at the Peterson Institute for International Economics. He unveiled a detailed proposal for Japan’s entry into the TPP negotiations. He is trying to support the interests of his constituency.

The more that we demand that this trade agreement and all future agreements come out of the shadows, the more our Representatives are able to see to our interests in these global governance deals.

Help end the secrecy by requesting a copy of the new trade and global governance deal from your Members of Congress.

Obama is negotiating the TPP with a large number of countries: Singapore, Chile, New Zealand, Brunei, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam and Japan. It’s really big, economically. And much of it is about globalizing government by giving authority over U.S. food safety, financial industry regulation and other laws to unelected international tribunals who become more powerful than our Supreme Court.

Vietnam and Singapore have many state-owned and subsidized enterprises. Japan is a currency manipulator. All the countries impose value added taxes on our exports, showing no willingness to eliminate those VAT tariffs or even freeze them at current levels.

In short, the biggest trade distortions of our generation are largely ignored by the Obama Administration in the TPP talks.

If we ask our Representatives and Senators to let us see the TPP text, it becomes much harder for them and the Obama administration to ignore us.

CPA is making it easy. Help end the secrecy by requesting a copy of the new trade and global governance deal from your Members of Congress.

If we’re going to grow the American economy and create jobs, we need to act now.


Michael Stumo, CEO
Coalition for a Prosperous America