FEMA Aid Requires Internet Expolrer 6 and Windows

birdhouse.org: Want FEMA Aid? Use IE6:

Talk about kicking ’em while they’re down… The administration’s mind-numbing obliviousness in responding to Katrina extends all the way down to its web developers and their managers. Turns out you can’t even apply for FEMA aid online unless running Internet Explorer 6 under Windows.
[. . .] This is right in step with the copyright office’s recent move to limit applicants’ choice of browsers.

1 thought on “FEMA Aid Requires Internet Expolrer 6 and Windows

  1. Yeah, why does this figure so entirely? Since when is Microsoft part of the government? Call between 2 and 6 AM, provided your area has phone service at all yet, and get the runaround if you do get through about how you’re gonna get the forms when you have no address — and, for that matter, no post office because it, uh, blew away.
    The insurance companies are giving everyone in Biloxi the runaround, too. You’re standing there admiring the way your roof’s been distributed around the neighborhood while your insurance adjuster tells you that’s not wind damage, that’s flood damage. About 5% have flood insurance there because it’s not a flood plain, and when that 5% applies for their insurance payment, they’ll be told, of course, that it’s not flood damage, it’s wind damage.

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