Felonious Republicans And The Rule Of Law

Check out eriposte’s comprehensive smackdown of GOP talking points on Bush’s creeping fascism, Talking Points For Felonious Republican Presidents : (click through for links)

1. Bush did not violate the FISA
2. Bush did not break the law
3. History shows Presidents have the power to violate the law, especially in times of war
4. History shows that other Presidents like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter did the same by overriding FISA
5. Secret warrantless spying of Americans was/is required for national security reasons, since FISA was inadequate, and secret spying could have prevented 9/11
6. Secretly spying on foreigners is legal and constitutional
7. The secret spying only focused on Al Qaeda, terrorists and their supporters and one end of the intercepted communications was always in foreign soil
8. The leak to the New York Times, of Bush’s secret spying on Americans, was a crime and had nothing to do with whistleblowers
9. Bush’s critics are just partisan political hacks
10. Top Democrats in Congress supported the illegal spying
11. You can trust Bush 100% to not misuse the spying program

My favorite:

4. History shows that other Presidents like Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter did the same by overriding FISA
TALKING POINT: Bill Clinton bypassed FISA to order warrantless physical searches of Americans.
FACT: False.
TALKING POINT: Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter authorized warrantless wiretapping/spying on Americans.
FACT:Totally and completely false.
TALKING POINT: Bill Clinton and Jamie Gorelick (who was in the Clinton Justice Department) argued that Clinton had the power to ignore FISA.
FACT: False and false. As Judd Legum (Think Progress) noted: “Both her testimony and in the Legal Times quote [sic], were about physical searches. In 1994, the FISA did not cover physical searches. She was explaining what the President’s authority was in the absence of any congressional statute. She wasn’t arguing that the President had the authority to ignore FISA. In 1995, with President Clinton’s signature, FISA was amended to include physical searches. That law prohibited warrantless domestic physical searches. No one in the Clinton administration, including Gorelick, ever argued that the administration could ignore the law, before or after it was amended.”
TALKING POINT: Bill Clinton’s top secret Echelon project violated FISA and spied on Americans.
FACT: False.

There are ten more just like it where that one came from. Once again Republicans are just making shit up. Which one is your favorite lie?

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