FEAR and Elections

I have been hearing ads on the radio talking about what to do to prepare for a possible terrorist attack, and directing peope to this government site: Ready.gov – Prepare. Plan. Stay Informed.
I wonder why the Bush administration chooses now to remind everyone to be prepared…
And on a completely, absolutely unrelated point, check out this GREAT post at DailyKos, The Science Behind Scaring The Bejeebers Out Of Voters

1 thought on “FEAR and Elections

  1. Strange as this will sound, I have to give a report on this at the next Renters Union meeting on Tuesday! There’s not just Ready.gov but New York City has set up TWO websites with information based on what’s in Ready.gov (one called ReadyNYC.gov) AND mailed us a terrifying brochure about what we’re supposed to do if there’s a hurricane here. For the first time, where I live is now declared a flood zone and we could be ordered to evacuate. I’ve been through two hurricanes here, and all we were ever told to do in the past was to tape our windows. If this was really a flood zone, they’d have told us that years ago. Lots of dire threats about 30 ft. storm surges, which have never happened in the history of NYC. We’re supposed to prepare to be self-sufficient for 3 days, prepare a “survival kit” and a “go bag,” with an ever-increasing list of stuff to carry in that ‘go bag’ including a gallon of water per day per person. It’s occurred to the city that you can’t evacuate a city of over 8 million by car, so we’re supposed to shlep all this stuff on foot to a bus and go several miles away to a school from which the city will then bus us to various shelters where the Red Cross will or will not provide food and water so we may not need all that stuff anyway. Imagine a family with two toddlers trying to carry 12 gallons of water, food for three days, sleeping bags, etc. plus the kids on foot to the bus. Physically impossible. There has to be a better way to do this.
    If you Google ‘go bag’ you get 6,800,000 hits. people are taking this deadly seriously. The government has them scared out of their minds.

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