Exxon Front Groups

See ExxonSecrets Organizations. This is a list of organization that ExxonMobile funds, that tell the public that global warming doesn’t exist, etc. It happens to also be a list of organiations that are associated with the “conservative movement” cult that has taken over the Republican Party and is working to overthrow our democracy, outsource our jobs, drive the country into debt, make war on the rest of the world, etc.
My question, why are corporations allowed to give money to harmful, destructive, anti-democracy propaganda organizations instead of to their shareholders? And why do we perceive that Exxon “owns” the oil that they pump out of the ground? Isn’t that like saying someone “owns” the air or the water? These are natural resources.
Exxon is a corporation, an entity that exists on paper because the people of the United States have granted them a charter FOR THE PUBLIC GOOD. We, the people, allow them to profit from extracting and refining OUR oil from OUR lands for the betterment of all of us. WE allow the shareholders to make this money, and shield them from having to pay the debts if the company goes bankrupt, and provide lots of tax advantages and other benefits IN EXCHANGE FOR them doing certain things that benefit us. I mean, why else would we charter a corporation, except for our benefit?
UpdateWHO IS OUR ECONOMY FOR, ANYWAY? (And here and here, here…)
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3 thoughts on “Exxon Front Groups

  1. What exactly is your point? Considering that global warming is junk science, you’re really not making much of an argument.

  2. Why do corporations do this? Because from their point of view it’s good business. Why do the shareholders allow them to do this? Advertising’s one thing, backing secret political fronts that work against the good of the public is quite another. My best guess is that they have no idea what’s going on. Neither did we, until right now. This is primarily another form of corruption, and we’ll have to figure out how to get it under control.
    Note the neocon use of language. “Reality” = oil. “Idealism” = alternative forms of energy. “Reality” = good; pragmatic. “Idealism” = bad, pie in the sky, impractical. Aren’t we all falling for this, too, to some extent? Well, if Brazil can do it, we can too. We’re rapidly falling into third world status, and that’s not exactly “realistic.”

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