Expose Right-Wing Radicals

Kevin Drum said something smart:

Most people — including a lot of rank-and file Republicans, I think — simply don’t realize just how radical the modern, Texified GOP is. But with majority control Democrats now have the institutional power to expose this at every turn, and Republicans have far less ability to hide it. If they’re smart, Dems will use this newfound power at every opportunity.

2 thoughts on “Expose Right-Wing Radicals

  1. The useless dems will have a chance quite soon, in the form of appropriations votes, to end the occupation of Iraq. Will they? Of course not.
    But maybe they’ll show us how radical the repugs are. Wow! Three fucking cheers for that! Kevin Drum, what a joke.
    Useless. Cowards. Incompetents.

  2. Richard sounds a bit bitter. Perhaps he has good reasons.
    It’s true, I think, that most Americans, especially Republicans, don’t realize what a radical bunch this administration is. And I agree, the smartest thing to do is to spell out constantly and in detail just what the facts are. While, of course, using those appropriations votes to get the situation in Iraq under control.

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