Everything has changed

Avedon deconstructs:

While Journalistan was roaming around the dictionary after 9/11 declaring that “everything has changed,” the administration, more than anyone, was acting like nothing had – nothing had changed even since 1987.

But Journalistan, too, was letting the Bushistas get away with this refusal to understand that terrorism is terrorism. “Everything has changed,” apparently meant, “We don’t have to make sense anymore.” 9/11 didn’t mean we could no longer make ICBMs our principal (and maybe only) fear, or that terrorism was independent of individual states, or that 9/11 could happen – oh, no. “Everything has changed” was never meant to apply to the means of warfare that might be used against us or what we understood about the way the world sees us. It didn’t apply to anything outside of the purest partisan politics. It only meant that our attitudes toward George W. Bush were supposed to have changed – that suddenly we were supposed to believe he was a great president.