Everything A Lie

In yesterday’s Washington Post story, Attack Was 48 Hours Old When It ‘Began’:

Under the official war plan, designated “OPLAN 1003 V” and approved by the president, the war with Iraq had already begun.

When Bush went on the air in Prime Time Monday evening to give Iraq 48 hours to do what HE says or else, he was lying – the war had already begun.

It’s just all lies! The right wingers have an agenda, they lay down a cover of lies and confusion, and they take advantage of the confusion to outflank us and grab what they want. Like with Iraq. We know that the idea of invading Iraq began 10 years ago, with the PNAC plan. We have learned that some of the “evidence” they used to justify the war was forged, some of the “intelligence” was really from a years-old graduate student dissertation, the aluminum tubes weren’t really for atomic weapons development, etc. They just wanted this war, and they got it.

It’s like the tax cuts. One day the cuts were to give “the people’s money” back because there was a surplus, the next it was supposed to keep us out of recession, etc., etc. Everything they SAID was just lies. But what they DID was give a huge chunk of cash to a few rich fucks. Or it’s like when Bush gives a public photo-op at some environmental project or public housing project or whatever – and then the administration guts that very program the next week. The lies for the public, covering what they are really doing. It’s just all lies.

There is something to learn from this: When dealing with right wingers, it’s just all lies. We’re dealing with a well-funded, well-established propaganda machine, and they are good. I mean, a number of people in this crowd were tobacco marketing people — they convinced people to kill themselves and give them their money while they were doing it! These people are good at this stuff!

The way to fight back is to realize that it is just all lies and if you get bogged down with the things they say, you’re just getting yourself caught in one of those sticky insect traps.

Just reject everything they say, and only see what they DO and you’ll have some power over what’s going on. Realize that they are very good at lying and sowing confusion and don’t let yourself get confused by listening to the words. Don’t bother arguing with their words — confront them with their ACTS!

The lies are just trees. See the forest – it’s all lies, reject it all, and believe only what you actually see them DO!!!

Update – From Daily Kos today:


The US is really starting to lose the propaganda war, as everything it says turns out to be lies.


  • Saddam is dead! Ok, no he’s not.
  • Iraq fired a Scud at Kuwait! Ok, no it wasn’t.
  • Umm Qasr is taken! Ok, no it’s not.
  • The Iraqi 51st Division surrendered en masse! Ok, not it hasn’t.
  • Republican Guard commanders will surrender! Ok, no they won’t.
  • Basra is taken! Ok, no it’s not.
  • We found a chemical weapons factory! Ok, maybe it isn’t.
  • It was Nixon’s Attorney General and head of his re-election committee, Mitchell, who advised Republican insiders who were confused because they didn’t understand why things said didn’t match what was happening, “Watch what we do, not what we say.”