Events in Iran

I am watching events unfolds in Iran. I suspect that a lot of what is circulating about events is engineered. For example at exactly the right time just after the election a rumor circulated claiming that people inside Iran’s Interior Ministry were confirming that the election was stolen, they were upset so they were leaking this. I suspect this was a planted story from an intelligence service working (rightly) to bring down the Iranian government. And good for them for this. A more moderate regime in Iran would be good for the world and for the people of Iran.
I wonder if the story of Mousavi saying he is “ready for martyrdom” is such a plant. If so it is exactly the right thing at the right time. And the story that he is asking supporters to go on strike if he is arrested – same thing.
I find CNN is just unwatchable! They give a minute of what is happening in Iran, and then turn to covering how people in the US are following it or reacting to it. It’s all about the US, demonstrations in support of Iran in the US, etc, and very little about what is actually happening. I don’t have time for that, so I just turn to a channel that is actually covering news right now and that is Fox. Ouch. And then Fox puts some right-wiong nut on to talk about it and I turn back to CNN. Bad choices all around.